Local Journalists Roast Bloomberg


Several area journalists will roast New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this weekend in the 89th annual Inner Circle Show.

Lower Westchesterites  John Slattery (playing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly), Kirstin Cole , Irene Cornell, Ernie Anastos, Dick Brennan (TLC Commisser David Yasky)  and Polly Kreisman (Kim Kardasian) are among about 65 print, radio TV and web journalists performing “Meet the Fokker Uppers”  Saturday night with a Broadway orchestra and the New York Hilton.

After their show, Mayor Bloomberg will respond with the cast of Broadway show. Last year, it was with Hair, and the spoof was entitled “May-r” This year is rumored to be with the cast (?) of Spiderman.

One of the most infamous responses came with then-Mayor Giuiliani’s performance in drag with the Rockettes.

Money raised from the performance Saturday goes to help about 35 charities across the Tri-State area.

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