Local Color- A Contest


Who can tell us where these pix were taken? Or get pretty close? The winner * will receive a gift certificate to Espana.
















Every so often we’ll ask you to identify a unique slice of local color in theLoop. Photo submissions welcome.

*the winner will be the first to identify, with location, photos 2, 3 and 4.

(this contest winner is "Oreo," and no, we still don’t know who he is)






8 thoughts on “Local Color- A Contest

  1. [u]Photo 4 [/u]

    [i]This plaque is located at the site of his original burial in New Rochelle, New York. This gravestone remnant is all that is left of the marker placed at Paine’s grave in 1809. The remnant is now in the Paine Museum, New Rochelle NY. It has the inscription Paine wrote in his Will, “Author of Common Sense,” but his age is incorrect. He was 72 years and five months old.[/i]
    editrix Nice, Oreo, but what about the other 2 or 3?

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