Lawyer: Mamaroneck Police Refused Court Order to Remove Child from Home


Home on Chestnut Ave., Mamaroneck where incident occurred (photo: twitter)


An attorney for the father of the toddler who died after a domestic incident in Mamaroneck Saturday says  Village Police refused a court order to remove the child from the home where the incident occurred.

The child’s her mother, Cynthia Arce, was shot by police after a police responded to a domestic incident on Chestnut Avenue in Mamaroneck.

Police say they were trying to help her 2-year-old daughter, Gabriella Maria Boyd, who “needed medical aid” 

According to LoHud, attorney Martin Rosen, who represents the father, Stephen Boyd, in a custody dispute with Cynthia Arce, says a signed court order to remove the girl from her mother wasn’t executed just one day before the woman allegedly killed the toddler and stabbed two officers when they responded to the 911 call at the Mamaroneck home.

Mamaroneck Village Police have not responded to inquiries about the case.





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