Latimer Sworn in for Third Term as State Senator


latimer swear-in 2017

State Senator George Latimer held two ceremonial inaugurations in New Rochelle to launch his 3rd term in the New York State Senate. Latimer, a Rye Democrat, was sworn in at an Assembly at Jefferson Elementary School Wednesday at 10 am, and repeated the oath at the Hugh Doyle Seniors Center at 1 pm.

One of his first acts was voting against  Senate consideration to repeal the NYC plastic bag ban (S.362), saying, “Government should never be petty and vindictive. And that is what this legislation is”.

New Rochelle City Councilman Jared Rice and State Assemblyman Steve Otis spoke at the Swearing In’s morning school service as students sang and participated. Otis, Mayor Noam Bramson and District Attorney Anthony Scarpino all addressed the seniors event after lunch. City Judge Susan Kettner administered the oath.

In his addresses, Latimer spoke of the need for respect among those who disagree on policies, understanding that this is a government of laws, not a government of men, in order to deal with the problems we face.

“My election does not mean you have given me a blank check; it is I who have given you a promissory note: a promise to work hard, to listen, and to fight for your best interests.”

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