Larchmont’s MacInspires Fall Education Lineup is Here


MacInspires Makerspace has some really interesting after-school and weekend Fall offerings.

From coding and 3D printing to robotics and movie making and more, we here at theLoop love their service on all our machines, and their mission to inspire your child’s curiosity and unlock their potential through technology and the tech arts.

MacInspires is expanding their education lineup to feature classes solely for teenagers 14 to 17 including DIY Instrument Playing Robots, Python Programming and more.

MacInspires Larchmont & MacInspires Greenwich  schedule, starting the week of October 2nd, through the week of December 4th:
Mondays – 3D Printing Jr (Ages 7-9) or Lego Stop Motion (Ages 7-9)
Tuesdays – Intro to Robotics (8-12)
Wednesdays – Intro to Java (10-14) or Scratch Coding (9-13)
Thursdays – Python Programming (12-16) or 2D & 3D Animation (10-16)
Fridays – Instrument Playing Robots (14-17) or 3D Printing & Design (10-16)
Saturdays – 3D Printing Jr, Lego Stop Motion or Intro to Robotics
Saturdays – Intro to Java, Scratch Coding or 2D & 3D Animation
Saturdays – Python Programming, Instrument Playing Robots or 3D Printing & Design


Click Here for more details on each class

MacInspires Larchmont 1923 Palmer Ave., Larchmont 914-630-7338

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