Larchmont’s DeCicco’s Receives EPA Energy Award


1C. GreenChill Certificate_DeCicco & Sons #014-184_00001DeCicco and Sons want you to know something very unusual about their new Larchmont supermarket.

The location has just received platinum level certification from an EPA program that monitors energy efficiency.

The certification from the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership is the first awarded to a supermarket in Westchester County.

“The efficiency of the system – in terms of the reduced electrical load and quantity of the waste heat – is a tremendous asset to help reduce the store’s overall energy use,” says John DeCicco Jr., DeCicco & Sons President.

Here’s the technical stuff:

Stores can receive platinum, gold or silver-level certifications based on leak and charge levels, as well as the use of low-GWP (under 150) refrigerants for platinum certification. The Platinum-level store uses a CO2 only Advansar booster system from Hillphoenix, and is only one of a handful of stores in the country to invest in this advanced technology – with DeCicco & Sons being the very first in Westchester County. Plus, instead of installing conventional transcritical systems and condensers, DeCicco & Sons invested in two Trillium adiabatic gas coolers (from Baltimore Aircoli). The units will keep the system from going into less efficient supercritical mode when ambient temperatures exceed 88ºF – CO2’s critical point.


And the food’s good, too…




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