Larchmont to Elect New Mayor


Larchmont Village Hall

Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell will not seek a second term, and last night the Larchmont Democratic Party Caucus nominated Anne McAndrews for Mayor and Marlene Kolbert and Peter Fanelli as Trustees.

Anne McAndrews

Kolbert was Trustee and Vice-Mayor until last March when she “retired.” ‘Bubba’ Fanelli, a familiar face at local events, was appointed Trustee earlier this month when Jaine Elkind Eney moved to the Mamaroneck Town Board.

'Bubba' Fanelli

The election will be held on March 20, 2012.

We asked Mayor Mandell why no second term? This was his response:

Why, you ask?  Well, first you have to understand that I have never been a very gregarious person.  People who knew me for a long time were quite surprised, in fact, when they learned of my candidacy just a couple of years ago.

Truthfully, I never believed that I would be a “Mayor for all seasons.”  I did , however, feel that I could be a good Mayor for a season of economic discontent.  When I joined the Village Board in 2009, it was clear that we were entering the winter of our economic discontent, and this realization informed my decision to run for the office of Mayor in 2010.

The last two years have seen significant improvements in state of the business district and the economic outlook for this village.  With the help of a great number of volunteers (including my colleagues on the Village Board) and our dedicated employees, I believe we have turned the corner.

Last year, we delivered tax increases that were the lowest we have seen in over a decade.  Indeed, the growth in our tax levy last year was below 1.5%, qualifying Larchmont as one of very few municipalities which met the tax cap a full year before it was to take effect.

The budget for 2012-2013 is shaping up in much the same way … in fact, even better.  We will have no problem whatsoever meeting the challenges of the tax cap legislation this year or next.  Going forward, I remain optimistic regarding the outlook for Larchmont.   Contractual salary increases have been limited to just 1.5% and the successful renegotiation of union contracts extending out as much as five years will ensure our ability to contain the growth in wages well into the future.

The most significant savings garnered throughout these negotiations came in the form of increased employee health care contributions, and these savings won’t truly begin to take hold until approximately five years from now.  Such savings will reach a crescendo in year twenty, as new employees begin to retire, and they are required to pay for at least 50% of their health care premiums.

Over the last two years, I feel that we have established an economic survival plan for the Village of Larchmont.  This plan addresses challenges in the short, intermediate, and long term and will serve residents well for generations to come.

It has truly been an honor to serve as Mayor of Larchmont.  This village is as close to perfect as you will find in these parts.  It has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful place to raise my family.

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  1. MTA does not operate the CT pooitrn of the Metro-North railroad its a Connecticut DOT service. As a NY resident, how would you expect MTA to vote on raising your fares in Mamaroneck to subsidize the Connecticut Department of Transportation?

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