Larchmont Teens Charged with Assault in NYC


Two Larchmont teens were arrested after the beating of a third young man on St. Patrick’s Day in a New York City Theatre District bar, according to the New York Post.

Gerard McMullin, 17, and Bertram Spielvogel, 18, were charged with assault.

“The teens, who hail from Larchmont in Westchester County, got into a staredown with Ben Gold, 23, … Spielvogel grabbed a glass bottle and smashed Gold over the head,” according to the report.

McMullin joined the fray, pummeling Gold, according to the court records. Gold, of Haverstraw, was rushed to NYU Hospital, where he received stitches to close a head gash.

A Midtown North cop hauled the two teens into the station house,where, it turned out, the Commanding Officer is McMullin’s cousin.

McMullin was charged with misdemeanor assault, and Spielvogel felony assault.

28 thoughts on “Larchmont Teens Charged with Assault in NYC

  1. If you have the facts, bring them forward – there is not much credibility in yelling liar liar pants on fire. Based on the overall tenor of the comments on this article, there is a group of us adults standing back and watching a few others twist themselves into knots over the damage the kids did to themselves (not to mention to another with a beer bottle). I look forward to any factual updates from those this article troubled – as noted by the other response to imakeupapostnametomakeapoint, it is those who can’t stand the thought there be any consequences for the kids who keep bumping the thread.

  2. If you think it’s so ‘unclassy’ to print the boys’ names on here, why do you keep bumping the thread and drawing more attention to it?

    I also wonder if all of the ‘facts’ you claim are what they told their parents when they got busted. You’ve got an audience…now go ahead and defend them.

    And let’s be real here…kids that lie about their age to drink and obviously have some anger management issues really weren’t that employable in the first place. Better they learn consequences now than later.

    I don’t know who these kids are, but I can only venture to guess how much money their parents have if so many people assume that they deserve special treatment.

  3. This article is highly biased and not factually correct. Make sure you fully understand a story and have all of the facts in order before you publish it. Also it was extremely unclassy to publish the kids names in this article. Although they made a mistake this skewed article will make it more difficult for them to find jobs around the community. As a parent in the community I have already heard this news. I would have at least waited till the case was close to put out an article that could damage the kids local reputation.

  4. I only wish life was that exciting around here! Look. Some crimes are public record. Recording them is my job, not my fault.

  5. This “online hub and information resource” frequently publishes stories about kids who have broken the law. Very frequently it comes off as mean spirited because the information is sometimes innaccurate and gossipy in tone and in one case, years ago, The Loop actually scooped the Journal News to a story so that the local newspaper could also get into the act as well. Maybe the online readers should be privy to the information that the Editor herself assaulted an ex-nanny in the halls of the Murray Ave. school during a confrontation or that she lost her job with a news organization after filming children through the fences of the Murray Ave. school for the organization without receiving the proper permission. Gee…interesting. I’m sure this comment will probably never make its way to the public as comments on this site are routinely pulled of and censored for no good reason.

    • Time for DHR to start his or her own website reporting only nice news, nothing that could be construed as mean spirited, eliding the generally accepted guidelines of journalism. For me, I prefer the facts – in comments as well as news articles.

    • DRH, that sounds… bizarre. Since when has anyone required ‘proper permission’ to film someone from a public place? I’m a photographer/cinematographer and well-educated on the law in this matter.

    • Gossip much, DRH?

      I’ll have to assume that the kids belonged to one of your fellow Junior Leauguer friends. Despite what you may think, it’s petty people like you comprimising this community, not the editor. God forbid someone actually talk about real news than what is going on with whose nanny.

  6. I can’t say that I am comfortable with this kind of reporting and here is why:

    I understand that it was reported in a major newspaper and I also understand that arrests were made.

    That said it also well understood that newspapers get many stories wrong. They also purposefully distort news to sensationalize it in order to draw readers in.

    There are two dramatic elements here.

    The first is that rich kids from the affluent ‘burbs were caught behaving badly and the second is the “honest cop” story line. Both mildly entertaining.

    Yet when all the facts come out it might be that the “victim” was in fact the perpetrator; etc, etc.

    In the meantime a local blog reports the incident which causes locals to interpret it as fact. Now the editor can quite accurately respond; “Well I didn’t tell you to take it as fact; I’m just reporting a news story” Valid response? Yes; valid, but not necessarily what is in the best interest of a small community.

    Certainly not in the best interest of any of these three young people if “the adults” got some part of it wrong.

    I would wait for a conviction before reporting this because (as you can see below) you will induce people in the community to convict them INSERT ITALICS even though that might not be the intent of the report.

    I just would not want that “on me”.

    The editor can take a “big city” approach to the blog but the TOM is not a big city.

    Not my blog but just my $.02.

    • No- self righteous is thinking that you know best and should sweep things under the rug . Maybe you would see it differrently if you had numerous documented bullying incidents against your child at Hommocks who is now in private school I am not interested in protecting these agressive kids . Self righteous is thinking that there are no consequences

  7. how shocking – please- larchmont is full of kids like this they start by bullying in the middle school . I have 11 pages of a face book incident telling my son he should kill himself . Perhaps i should make all their names public . there are consequences to these high school kids actions and if they are old enough for their names to be printed in the Post they can be printed in theLoop. There is no obigation to shield them

  8. As another noted, this is hardly gossip but facts. And to clarify, a ‘mistake’ is something unintentionally done. Two boys drinking underage and assaulting another with a beer bottle that sends him to the hospital is no mistake. Just because they come from decent families and can’t go to Cornell now doesn’t lessen what they did. We rightly have zero tolerance for this for a reason. Would you feel the same if this was YOUR kid that landed in the hospital?

  9. just because crime is rare here, doesn’t mean its okay to harm 2 alredy damaged lives further. Just cuz we’re lucky this doesn’t happen often doesn’t mean that we should make an example of them or make it a bigger deal than it already is. Thier already in so much trouble without having those who wouldn’t otherwise know ostracize them.Shouldn’t we wait for the trial first in america? the weight of their crime is heavybut their young and in jail now–why couldnt they come home to some anonymmity? but yeah i agree theyre in big truble and they should be punished. but they should be encouraged to change rather then have the whole town no and prejudge them.cuz in the end their kids like they shoudnt have the rest of their lives ride on being drunk and stupid once or twice. they should get therapy or rehab or sumthing not jail.being outcast will just make them more angry and hostile when they need to grow and change positivly. so i think be tough with them but maybe keep it private for now–how are they gona walk comfortably inthe town now when everytone knows who they r?

  10. *sigh*

    Couple of points:

    1. I’ve seen multiple references to ‘a mistake’. What was the mistake exactly? Getting caught?

    2. I’ve seen multiple references to ‘gossip’. ‘Gossip’ is when someone says ‘I heard a rumor that so-and-so did such-and-such’. Chinese whispers; the story gets distorted in the telling. This story is the *antidote* to gossip; plain facts from the allegations in a police report. The criminal justice system will decide if those allegations are true or not.

    3. Did none of you *read* the story? The ‘news’ here is that the NYPD precinct commander was a relative of one of the boys, but to his credit he didn’t play favorites. That’s the angle. Beyond that, it’s a nasty but relatively minor crime allegedly perpetrated by two local residents of an area where violent crime IS rare and newsworthy, and frankly I question the motivations of those who would prefer this was swept under the carpet and not reported.

    • I agree – since when is the Larchmont Loop responsible for NOT reporting something published in the New York Post? Cry me a river, but these kids will be accorded their rights in the light of day where everyone can see. I am fully sympathetic to the immaturity of their behavior and their age, but at the youth of at least the 17-year-old will be taken into account. They will get over it, they’ll just have to work harder – they’re young.

  11. I agree that it was a mistake to publish names. Even if the information is public, and most MHS Students and families would know, not everyone would. Now these boys have an entire town against them–they will be ostracized. Of course, they committed a horrible act and deserve to be punished. But they’re so young–they need anger management or alcoholics anonymous–not alienation. It’s bad anough they’ll go to jail and never get into college now. We don’t need to rub it in–both were known as pretty good, nice kids. Evidently, they’re not, but a mistake at seventeen shouldn’t ruin one’s life. I’m really ashamed of the Loop on this one–now these boys are the subject of catty gossip. Let court deal with them, not busybodies.

    • Actually I am glad we know their names so I can steer clear of either one of these so called nice young men. Curious that you feel the need to be protective of them . You think they should go off to college ?. What a lucky break getting one of them for a roomate but lets keep everything hush hush – it would not be ok with me to pay 50 000 a year for college and for my child to have a roomate who got drunk and slashed someone with a beer bottle -felony assaullt . Are you in favor of removing or sealing all public records or just those of nice kids from larchmont ? I think that is called censorship .

  12. Personally I’m quite happy to know which young men in my community are liable to whack people with beer bottles. Allegedly. But that’s just me, and I’d sooner rely on police reports than gossip.

    And at least I have the integrity to post under my own name, unlike those who whine about it.

  13. these little jerks deserved to have their names published. Arrogant privileged kids drinking underage at a bar gets into a fight and assaults an Adult. Sounds like a veronica mars story if you ask me.

  14. the loop is supposed to be a source of news, not an outlet for gossip about high school students who make mistakes.
    publishing names in the article, too, is unnecessary.


    • i understand your frustration but their names are now part of the public record of the NYPD. We do not publish names of kids under the age 17 (nor do police generally release them.) By then, they are deemed responsible for their own behavior. And we agree it was a mistake, but resulted in assault charges, which we consider to be news.
      By the way, the NY Post story from which this comes, and which is linked, publishes their names.

      • Editor
        Unfortunately, you thrive on these stories. We have seen you print others about kids before having the facts confirmed. What kind of mother does that?

        • Ooooooh, throwing down the MOTHER card! Isn’t that getting personal? The assault charges are fact, and they are news. The two innocent-until-proven-guilty tender young sprouts will have their day in court, one adult, one juvenile. Are you suggesting that even court proceedings would be considered rumors, that only guilty verdicts be considered suitable to be published?

        • ‘Jeez. I wonder if you would be so passionate about this story if the kid was from the south end of New Ro?

          Rich white kids are acting like criminals, and the whole town gets in a huff trying to defend their actions. Nice black kid wearing an unfortunate choice of clothes gets shot for going to get Skittles in another town. Is it any wonder that half of the country is about to implode?

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