Larchmont Gardens Burglaries Startle Residents


Town of Mamaroneck Police Department

Residents of the Larchmont Gardens area say two houses on Mulberry Lane were broken into Friday. The front doors of each home were reportedly broken into and jewelry and computers were taken.
“One house was alarmed and the other had a large barking dog but those things didn’t deter the burglars,” writes one resident. Town of Mamaroneck Police are investigating.

Monday, Mamaroneck Town Administrator Steve Altieri robo-called a message to residents of the Town, saying, “We are in that time of the year when it is not unusual for communities in our area to experience an increase in stolen property from automobiles and homes.  So just a few reminders.  Always lock your cars even when in your driveway and always keep your homes locked.  If you observe anything in your neighborhood that does not seem right whether it be an unfamiliar vehicle or person, never hesitate, call the Town Police Department immediately so that they can investigate the situation.”


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