Larchmont Crossing Guard Assaulted by Two Men During School Dismissal


Crosswalk where Crossing Guard was assaulted


LARCHMONT — A Larchmont School crossing guard working at Murray Avenue Elementary School at the end of the school day was assaulted by two men who were angry about potentially being given a ticket.

Witnesses say the guard was standing at his usual post at Murray and Colonial Avenues in the moments after school dismissal, directing traffic for dozens of children and their caregivers who were walking home from school.

Witnesses say the men jumped out of a black Nissan Rogue SUV after the guard threatened to give the men, who failed to slow down through the crosswalk, a summons for ignoring his directions.  He had reportedly told them if they didn’t slow down he would write them a ticket.

The men got out of their car, and according one witness threw food at him and “beat him to the ground.” They also reportedly hit him with their car.

One eyewitness described the perps as “two white men with big, muscular tatooed arms,” adding, “They hit him with their car and also punched him, knocking him to the ground.”  One parent says she tried to calm the men down, but they fled, hitting the guard in the leg with the car as they did.

The crossing guard was taken to the hospital. theLoop contacted the Town of Mamaroneck Police but calls were not returned Thursday evening.

This crossing guard position was almost cut from the Town budget last year, and more recently, due to heavy traffic, the District was directed to limit crossing areas at this intersection.

22 thoughts on “Larchmont Crossing Guard Assaulted by Two Men During School Dismissal

  1. Readers:

    As I posted in the follow-up story thread, please chill on the personal attacks in the comments. Please “speak” to each other the way you would in person. No more insults or your post will be deleted.


  2. I didnt say he had anything coming to him…im saying the the crossing guard verbally assaulted these 2 men before anything took place…and he was 66 not 80. Its just funny how that stuff never makes the article. Reading these articles is like reading the tabloids. Both turned themselves in on their own but nobody will write that either. Everyone loves drama and this site just provides it for them.

    • Mr. Voice:
      The police said nothing about them turning themselves in. Since the cops had the plates, it was only a matter of time anyway. And we are nothing like the tabloids. We print the facts. Don’t like drama? Then tell your friends not to punch a crossing guard in the middle of a school dismissal.

  3. It appears the actual incident wasn’t as ugly as the article depicts but multiple witnesses did see them push and verbally assault what is like an 80 year crossing guard, which is absurd. So while calls for them to serve ‘hard time’ is equally absurd, Voice of Reason best to drop the Crossing Guard got what was coming to him angle and threat of slander

    As for Anonymous below, “You Stay Classy”

  4. A friend of the so called “thugs” as you guys like to refer to them as. Very interesting that not one so called “witness” watched the whole incident unfold…if you have you would have seen the crossing guard acting aggressive from square one. He slammed his hand on the hood of the car and was screaming at the civilians driving not letting them go which there was no reason for. He put his head in the window of the car yelling for no reason, obviously had a chip on his shoulder. For a crossing guard who is supposed to be watching the well being of crossing students it doesnt seem like he was very concerned about his job by taking his eye off potential children walking by. When was the last time you seen someone just get out of a car and attack someone. It didnt happen that way….also the man was pushed, not beat up, not punched and definitely not hit by a car. So for all you so called witnesses that want to continue the lies and false allegations. Please step forward so you can be sued for slander and defamation of character. For those who actually know what really happened it would be nice for you to step forward so this nonsense can be taken care of.

    • LOL…your thug friends are going to sue for defamation because they only pushed the guard, not hit him…and while they are evading arrest want to set the record straight!? You are a bigger moron than they are!

      And just to clarify, upstanding citizens don’t even PUSH crossing guards…they call the cops if they are in trouble. Place your bets that these guys don’t even live in Larchmont, folks? In some cases money actually does buy class.

      • Good evening Mr. Outstanding anonymous citizen. Saying someone was hit by a fist and a car when they weren’t is actually worst then defamation of character…its just pure lies. But what do I know…im just a “moron” This is going to be straightened out this week so you can rest easily. Also just by reading this I assume you weren’t even a witness….just someone who has to be involved in everything they read. Congratulations you’ve contributed.

        • Because a made up screen name is so much more transparent! Glad to hear that they finally nailed your friends, and their identity did not disappoint. A bunch of guidos from the south end of New Ro. Wish I could say that I didn’t see that coming…ha.

          • now your slamming him cause his last name ends with a vowel. Is all of mamaroneck and larchmont racist also ?

          • No, I’m slamming him because if you look at the article saying that they nabbed them, you could see him oiled up and covered in gold shades. You see some types like that in Mamaroneck but never Larchmont.

    • “They are Lucian Cappello, 32, of 16 Park Ave. in New Rochelle, charged with Obstruction of Government Administration and Assault in the 3rd Degree, and

      Anthony Vaccaro, 37, of 64 Pelham Rd., in New Rochelle, charged with  Obstruction of Government Administration and Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injuries.”

      So all the witnesses were lying and making it up, the accusations were slander, and it would all be cleared up this week?

      At least I post under my own name, Mr. Anonymous Coward of Reason. I have a disabled kid at that school and if you have a problem with the crossing guard you have a problem with ME.

  5. I was there the man pushed the crossing guard but was not hit by any car I have the whole incident on tape…the crossing guard wasn’t hit but pushed

  6. This is such a shame and so upsetting. These crossing guards are basically volunteers and are there to protect the children in our community. I see WAY too many people speeding through school zones and practically running people over in crosswalks.

    Is it just me, or does it just seem to be one bad thing after the next in Larchmont lately?

  7. The crossing guard was pushed down by the passenger of the car ( I was there ), the man was very aggressive and angry. Many people took pictures, I took down the license plate and gave it to the guard. The police told me this morning, they are working on it. If they get him, we can all go an identify him. They took statements from everyone. I am glad th crossing guard is there to protect the children and the parents. I was very concerned about him after he was hit and pushed.
    I hope this never happens again, the police and the guards work very hard to keep our community safe.

  8. I thought somebody had the plate numbers?
    I do hope they get caught to press charges.
    This is outrageous behaviour!

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