Larchmont Board Member Goes to Town


New Mamaroneck Council Member Jaine Elkind Eney

It’s one of those governmental quirks that’s hard to explain to those uninitiated. As of Monday, former Larchmont Village Board Member Jaine Elkind Eney is now on the Mamaroneck Town Council.


Incoming Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson appointed her to fill the vacancy Seligson created when she was elected Supervisor, until the election in November.

How can Eney serve in Mamaroneck ?

“I live in the incorporated Village of Larchmont,” Eney explains, “which is wholly within the Town of Mamaroneck. As a resident of the Village, I am eligible to be a Trustee in Larchmont or on the Council in the Town.”  She will be sworn in January 18.

But only one position at a time. To fill her seat on the Village Board, Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell appointed Peter “Bubba” Fanelli. Fanelli, a Democrat, ran on the 2006 ticket with then-Mayor Ken Bialo, a Republican, and Independent Michael Bucci. Fanelli will serve until the election in the Spring.

New Larchmont Village Trustee Peter Fanelli

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