Larchmont Author Helps Heal Your Brain


Heal Your Brain: Just the title alone makes you feel better, right?

That, of course, is the goal of Heal Your Brain, the new book by Larchmont’s David Hellerstein, a Columbia University psychiatrist, who offers readers a clear look at ridding yourself of anxiety and depression.

By translating complex science into layman’s language, Hellerstein’s book has been noted for offering “a clear and concise road map of the best that modern psychiatry has to offer, weaving the latest brain science with clinical wisdom.”

A skilled story teller, Hellerstein provides engaging insight into a new approach to psychiatry that focuses on improving present-day life and on achieving long-term remission of symptoms of depression and anxiety. The right treatment, Hellerstein says, can actually lead to physical changes in the way the brain functions — even its anatomy — meaning individuals who have conditions could potentially live free from them.

Heal Your Brain is available at Andersons Book Shop in Larchmont or on Amazon, which  also offers a Kindle version. And if that’s not enough, Hellerstein will be reading at the New York Academy of Medicine’s Author Night Series on Monday September 12.



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