Larchfont? Tramnesia? Buy this Book!


Our friend, the Trainjotting guy, just published the book every train commuter needs: The New York Commuter’s Glossary.

Did you know the distinctive rounded font found on Metro-North station signs is known as Times New Rochelle Roman, and sometimes “Larchfont”?

This book is full of neologisms, mashups and made-up words that detail the Westchester commuter’s life.

“Tramnesia”: when you wake up on the train and go bolting for the door, sure in your haze that the current stop the train is at is yours: “I had two Bloody Marys at lunch, then had a serious bout of tramnesia when the train stopped in Mamaroneck and I thought it was Port Chester.”

you can find it here , and on Amazon.

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