Coming Up: STEMtastic Saturday – May 3

29 Apr, 2014

By Loop Contributor

STEMfrom the STEMAlliance:

Coming to Hommocks Middle School on May 3rd from 1pm to 5pm, STEM-tastic Saturday is a festival with hands-on learning experiences and a wide range of opportunities for youth to interact with leading, local STEM experts.

The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (MSF) provided a generous grant to bring several professional exhibits to the event. MSF funded exhibitors have participated in numerous large scale science festivals and bring world-class science to our students right here in our town.

These include:

  • Do-It-Yourself Electronics by hTINK: attendees will learn the basics of circuits with coin cell batteries and LEDs.

  • A Workshop with Mario the Magician: A Rye Neck High School graduate, Mario is a renowned magician who integrates Arduino technology into his magic show. He’ll offer not just a magic show to amaze but also a question and answer session about the integration of technology with the creative art of magic.

  • BioBus: This traveling classroom allows attendees to use university level, research grade microscopes. Specimens for viewing will all be from the Long Island Sound.

  • The Nerdy Derby: There are no motors in this car construction challenge. Attendees can build small-scale cars out of junk materials in just minutes and then race them down a 50-foot track to test the physics of their design.

  • Keva Plank Building Zone: With 10,000 pieces to play with, there will be enough wooden planks to go around such that visitors can test new ways to maintain stability while building higher.

  • Air Compressed Rocket Construction: No one will be able to resist the simplicity of building paper rockets that are released with an air compressed launcher; but everyone will have to consider the basic physics of flight to get it done right.

  • But that is just a small sampling of the activities being offered.

Beyond the dozens of “create, touch and do” experiences, there will be countless experts available to talk to students about their passions, their professions and their paths to their STEM careers.

Biologists. Environmentalist. Technicians. Computer Software Engineers. Zoologists. Physicists. Doctors. Neuroscientists. Mathematicians. Mechanical Engineers.

In every way imaginable – from fun, to food, to vendors, to workshops — STEM-tastic Saturday is an unprecedented event for our community

that is not to be missed.

The STEM Alliance website has detailed descriptions of all workshops, Cool Career Roundtables, hands-on activities, community exhibitors and ticket information.

For information about donation tickets for families in need, please contact the STEM Alliance at
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