Katz Murder Investigation Update


Many people have asked where the Jennifer Katz murder case stands. Katz was found stabbed in her Mamaroneck home December 30 and Reginald Powell, found in New York City with her car and some of her jewelry, was charged with felony burglary.

Jennifer Katz

Neither he nor anyone else has been charged with her murder.  We reported In January that a Grand Jury investigating the murder would be reporting in 45 days, and that 45 days has passed.

Had there not been any other charges against Powell, he would have had to be either released from jail or indicted by the Grand Jury on the murder charge at the end of those 45 days. However, because Powell was on parole for another murder at the time of his latest arrest, and violated that parole, he can legally continue to be held on charges related to those crimes while the Katz case is pending.

Reginald Powell

“The defendant is  being held in jail without bail on a parole violation warrant,” says Westchester County DA spokesman Lucian Chalfen. “The murder case is a continuing investigation.”




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