Kashiwa Asian Bistro, Mamaroneck


Coal/Newcastle. Sushi/Mamaroneck. Did Mamaroneck Avenue really need a 6th sushi restaurant?

Well, yes!

Loop reader Pam Older wrote in about Kashiwa:

I love Kashiwa!  Everytime I go I discover something else to love.  My favorites are the diver scallop appetizer, the duck rolls, the beef with crispy noodles and the salmon tatare.  Sherry, the owner, could not be sweeter and the big booths in the back are very cozy.   And they deliver. Try it!

Sushi rolls

So we did. Sherry is Sherry Zhao, whose father-in-law owned China Gourmet, the Chinese take-out at this location as well as the stationery store next door. The two spaces were combined into this light-filled and elegant space, (Kashiwa means “peace” in Japansese, she says) and the Asian fusion offerings were excellent. The lunch specials included 3 rolls (that’s just one, above) for $10.

There’s even a Groupon if you act fast.

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