Jeter Dirt not Cheap


The New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter achieved his milestone 3,000th major league hit in July, and Steiner Sports Marketing of New Rochelle was ready (in partnership with the Yankees and Major League Baseball).

Dozens of items from the game were offered to collectors, including the bases ($7,500 each), 30 balls used during the game ($2,000 each, unsigned), and even Jeter’s sweaty socks ($1,000).  Steiner had also collected five gallons of dirt (under supervision, to assure authenticity), and uberfans can buy half-ounce containers of clay walked upon by Jeter during the game (from the shortstop area and the right-hand batter’s box)–for a not- dirt-cheap $250 each.

[from News of the Weird, New York Post, 7-7-2011; New York Times, 6-22-2011]

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