It’s Deja Brew All Over Again in Fleetwood


Deja Brew and Bruce Tanner

Deja Brew might seem like deja vu, but this coffee house, Deja Brew Cafe, new to Fleetwood (Mount Vernon) is the kind those of us old enough to remember the 70’s can appreciate.

“We think residents will find the café to be an inviting spot,” says Owner Bruce Tanner.  “Deja Brew Cafe is modeled after the coffeehouses of the 70’s, a place where people can kick back, relax, hear some good music, drink coffee and eat wonderful desserts.”

Since a “soft launch” in November, Deja Brew has already had performances by area musicians, and a live podcast about the Amani Charter School in Mount Vernon. The café is also planning poetry readings, and a regular schedule of entertainment for Friday and Saturday evenings.  The café also hosts activities for kids.

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