Is New Rochelle Always Passed Over for Big Box Retail?


Ridge Hill, Yonkers

Speaking of why some towns get shopping and others do not, (and thanks for your comments on the Armonk supermarket story,) with Whole Foods’ announced move into Port Chester, and Ridge Hill opening in Yonkers, Talk of the Sound recently asked what

Best Buy
Whole Foods
Barnes and Noble
and Kohl’s

had in common?

They are “some of the retailers who recently took a pass on New Rochelle. The old adage in real estate is location, location, location. Well, for the purposes of future development in New Rochelle, it should be parking, parking, parking.”

How do you think New Rochelle can begin to attract the kinds of businesses it wants, if there are any left?

13 thoughts on “Is New Rochelle Always Passed Over for Big Box Retail?

  1. Where in New Rochelle would a collection of big box retailers go?
    Port Chester’s urban renewal project left a lot of open land for such stores. Where is there open land in New Rochelle that would work for such stores?
    Port Chester is where I-95 and I-287 meet. New Rochelle isn’t.
    The area that is readily accessible in southern New Rochelle already has Home Depot, Costco and a few more big box stores, with no other open land nearby. The other I-95 exit area has two supermarkets, and no open land nearby.
    Why, as well as where, would any major retailer go to New Rochelle?

    • I agree,on the other hand it would be nice to see something replace those car dealerships with their ugly banners and miles of cars! It’s like the Post Rd is a giant parking lot!

  2. I’m not so sure it’s in the best interest of New Rochelle to bring in big box stores. NR’s housing stock and it’s beautiful shore line are it’s greatest assets. Of course it would be convenient for TOM and Larchmont ( just don’t put it here) to be able to jump the border and discount shop in NR but is that what is best for NR? I like the idea of a collegetown but that won’t pay taxes. How about corporate development? Easy commute,easy access to Metro liner, close to airports and reasonably priced housing!!

  3. And a college town can bring retail, businesses, hotel, residential, etc. It takes a plan to change the existing landscape to promote what’s necessary and a willingness to change. Much of the traffic problem in NR is in specific locations where building was done without other considerations. Contiguous buildable space, roads, parking, sidewalks taxes and cooperation all go into the solution. Some will not want change as they benefit from what exists. NR missed a chance when it didn’t do something with the “Ikea” space. Port Chester and Yonkers politicians have been questioned about potential influences. It takes a village (or town, or city) …and other lessons. It takes people.

  4. New rochelle’s days of being a retail hub are gone.
    New Rochelle does not have the infrastructure to accommodate many of the big boxes that Ridge Hill can manufacture in thin air.
    The surrounding population has no interest in going to New Rochelle for anything as well.
    Perhaps New Rochelle should consider playing to it’s best assets – the schools. Iona, Monroe and CoNR are the only groups wanting to expand in New Rochelle. Why not allow them to build what they want. Iona could revitalize Noth Ave. Monroe can revitalize parts of Main St. What’s the problem with becoming a college town ?

  5. Get rid of the toll on I-95. It sounds trivial, but I always go north to Port Chester and WP vs. going south to New Rochelle because of that annoying toll out of principle. Also, traffic in NR is almost always a nightmare.

  6. Think well-planned multi-use development and an accommodating community and government willing to make changes for the overall good of its future. Now what was the question?

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