Is Hen Island the Hell they Portray?


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Is Hen Island (Rye) really the hell this video alleges? Embattled out-going Mayor Doug French can’t seem to cut a break from Mr. Floatie.

We get so much email on this we thought we should put it out there and ask you. Check out the video submitted recently:

6 thoughts on “Is Hen Island the Hell they Portray?

  1. Watch this 10 minute piece as Kimberly King, a mourning mother and
    Massachusetts Mosquito Control Commissioner addresses the Rye City council to point out their short comings in protecting the health and safety of the
    public. This City Council meeting took place in Rye city hall this past July.

    One of the primary functions of government is to protect the health, safety
    and welfare of the public. Follow this video as the Rye City Council takes
    their oath of office and then turn a blind eye to violate the oath they swore
    to uphold.

    Rye Vector Borne

  2. The real shame is that it’s taken remarkable effort on the part of one man to even bring this issue to light and yet still the mayor of Rye and others continue to close a blind eye to it. The word that comes to my mind is primitive. How can such a primitive situation be allowed to continue in an otherwise modern environment? Westchester county is the wealthiest county in the US, yet we allow this abhorrent blight, this insanely dangerous situation to continue? What is wrong with this picture?

  3. I’ve only been out there once, but I will never go back. Its bad. Absolutely zero code enforcement. Some cottages are complete dumps. The mosquitos are uncontrollable.

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