To the Editor: Is Decorum Dead in Mamaroneck Village?


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This video was posted on YouTube by the Village of Mamaroneck Mayoral Campaign of Dan Natchez. It shows Mayor Rosenblum interacting with his Trustees and other members of the public at Village meetings and public hearings.
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9 thoughts on “To the Editor: Is Decorum Dead in Mamaroneck Village?

  1. The ENTIRE campaign of Natchez and Burt has been built upon lies, deception and scare tactics. High rises lining Mamaroneck Avenue and the waterfront? Thousands of condo units? How stupid do they think we are? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  2. It is a shame Mr. Natchez has to resort to negative campaigning and mudslinging instead of emphasizing his own position on the state of the Village and enlightening all of the residents with his preferred policies.

  3. Thank you for your comments. TheLoop is not the International Herald Tribune. We are a “Town Square” for discussion about issues impacting this community. Please send any video, documents, etc that support your point of view, and we will consider them equally.

    This video is posted because one of the candidates is using it in the election. It’s public information. We have asked the “other side” to respond and heard nothing back.

  4. I watch the Board of Trustees meetings. The mayor did apologize to you Mrs. Miller. That you have the gall to lie about it, is reprehensible.

    I’m not the first to notice The Loop is biased, even sometimes downright inaccurate.
    Journalists have a choice in what they cover and how they cover it, and in this instance it’s clear that’s not the whole story, and effectively this kind of journalism disservices the public. We rely on the news media for political information, and while in any process conducted by human beings, some level of bias is inevitable, the coverage of Rosenblum is more than just biased, it’s downright irresponsible.

    • Robert. Thank you for watching the meetings. If you did watch you will see I asked for the apology. Unfortunately the apology to me is not what is needed. It’s the apology to my son. Using an 11 year old as a political tool is a bit disgusting, even for the Mayor.

      • Ilissa Miller, the mayor apologized to your son. In his apology he mentioned your son. I am deeply disturbed at how you try to fool the public.

  5. “the Loop is not endorsing any candidate”? Well, it sure it seems like it.
    Why isn’t the bit of the video in which mayor Rosenblum apologizes to Ilissa Miller shown?

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