In your Face: Summer Skin Tips from Jessica


The extremes of weather can significantly affect one important part of the body we may not even consider- your face.   

Jessica Chollet (below, left,) a make-up and skin consultant with a following in Larchmont, says “The heat, humidity, and sun can wreak havoc on whatever look we are trying to accomplish.”


So for women, she gives these tips:

  • No matter how sweaty you are, you still need moisturizer because it keeps your skin from getting dry. Dryness increases oil production, which will make your skin even oilier on top of the damage the heat already causes.


  • Sunscreen is the number one product that you should use on your face every single day no matter if the sun is shining or not.   Some moisturizers contain sunscreen, but it is not enough SPF to effectively prevent sun damage. It is safe to say that you should use sunscreens with an SPF above thirty.   “This not only keeps those pesky UV/UVA rays from your lovely face, but also keeps wrinkles at bay. Remember, sun damage is not only the main cause of skin cancer, it also ages us and can determine the number of wrinkles we get.”


  • If you’re used wearing a full face of make up, it is easy to achieve a fresh and non-sweaty look.  Always choose an oil free moisturizer and an oil free foundation. “You do not need an excuse to put more oil on your already sun-screened face.  A powder blush is a safe choice because it always stays in place,” she says.


  • Powdered eye shadow, in the same way that powdered blush works, will usually stay in place and you can feel free to experiment with light colors for every-day wear. Finishing touches like liquid eyeliner and light mascara will complete your look.  Remember though, that it is summer, and it is normal to have to touch up throughout the day, because there is no make-up that will not droop just a little once those temperatures hike up into the high 80’s and 90’s. Jessica says she likes to carry translucent powder with her that she uses to control shine.

 You can contact Jessica for your skin care questions or a consultation at or  914-714-9534



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