Riverboat Jazz in Mamaroneck?


Dot & Bill’s Showboat

Downtown Mamaroneck could soon have the added attraction of a riverboat jazz club moored in the Harbor if Village officials sign off on the idea.

Though in the early stages of approval, the owners of Dot & Bill’s Showboat, most recently docked in the Byram River in Port Chester, would like to bring the boat to Mamaroneck, where it would be open for jazz music, drinks, light food and weekend brunch near the foot of Mamaroneck Avenue.

The Showboat – which has done stints at the Freedomland Theme Park in the Bronx in the 1960’s and in Greenwich in the 80’s – is fully refurbished with a small dance floor, seating and bar, and able to hold 140 people, Steve Feinstein, an attorney for the owners, told Village Trustees Monday night.

“It’s a wonderfully historic boat, and there are very few of them around,” Feinstein said.

The way Feinstein envisions it, the Showboat would be open from about 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. on show nights, with brunch and jazz starting at 11 a.m. on weekends.

With entertainment targeting audiences ages 35 and up, potential downsides, like noise and lighting, would be minimal, he said.

So would pollution as the boat, meant to be permanently docked, no longer has an engine, he said.

Mayor Norman Rosenblum likes the idea, saying the Showboat would bring both culture and cash to the Village, and set the long-term approval process in motion Monday night by sending the proposal on to the appropriate Village boards and commissions.

“This is an example that the Village must seek to improve both its cultural and financial position to move forward, particularly in these economic challenging times,” Rosenblum said.

At Freedomland Theme Park c. 1960's

5 thoughts on “Riverboat Jazz in Mamaroneck?

  1. I think it’s GREAT! I grew up in Mamaroneck and went to Freedomland as a little kid…this is a wonderful piece of history not a “Coney Island side-show”…unless, of course, they have the Bearded Woman attraction or perhaps the Amazing Siamese Twins on board.

  2. A perfect welcome addition to our local cultural entertainment options. Glad the Showboat is staying in the area. I used to work at the Showboat Inn as a high school kid when the showboat was moored at the hotel in Greenwich.

  3. What a great idea! Mamaroneck should welcome this with open arms.
    I’m tired of hearing about how there used to be great places on the water in this area “…back in the day.” Drop anchor Dot & Bill!

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