You're getting sleepy... (left to right) Chris Morris, Dinah Cherkasky, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Matt Fishman, Alvaro Galan

You may think it’s easy to put a High School senior to sleep, but how about 15 of them in folding chairs on the stage at Mamaroneck High School?  And then have them listen to the music in their shoe,  perform a classic ballet (two big teenage boys) and recite the Geico gekko ad? Reapetedly?  Or look out into the audience and see you only in your underwear?

Hearing music in their shoes: Chris Morris, Dinah Cherkasky, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Alvaro Galan, and Sarah Rice (standing students were assistants. DeLuca at right)

That’s the world of hypnotist Tom DeLuca, a huge draw every year at MHS, college campuses and corporate settings.

One young man was given an apple and banana and told they were his friends, that he was ‘the friend of all fruit.” Then a hypnotic suggestion that he was very, very hungry produced hilarious results. Another was told he was an MHS cheerleader that forgot what the mascot is. “Go Gazelles!” he yelled, leaping across the stage like a wounded deer. A young woman was told she spoke like a Martian while a classmate was told he could understand her. He then translated her garbled speech to the audience that she was from Neptune and that it took her two weeks to walk here.

Ballerinas: Alvaro Galan and Chris Morris

After over an hour of acting out in front of an audience, which was often in hysterics, the kids woke up feeling, DeLuca promised, like they’d just had a nice nap.  The guy that acted as the Martian translator said, “I remember all of it. But it’s like I dreamed it, and didn’t really do it.”

If only parts of life were really like that.

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