Hurricane Irene Heading Loopward


With many of us still rattled by Tuesday’s earthquake, we now have to brace for the next natural event heading toward Loop country: Hurricane Irene.

Currently gaining steam offshore, the hurricane is expected to hit New York by Sunday, bringing particularly heavy rains along for the ride.  In turn, local leaders, particularly in the Village of Mamaroneck — where memories of the devastating 2007 nor’easter still loom large — say they are taking steps to prepare for the storm, and are urging residents to do the same.

According to officials, village leaders are making sure flood controls, such as storm water storage, are ready for Irene’s arrival in hopes of averting flooding, like the kind that drove residents from their homes after the nor’easter.

Mayor Norman Rosenblum is also reaching out to residents. In an email, as well as on the Village’s website, Rosenblum writes:

The National Weather Service, the Village of Mamaroneck and Westchester County are closely following the track of Hurricane Irene. Please be advised to keep aware of the continuing updates.”

Be prepared in the event the hurricane does effect our area. You should prepare in advance, as a caution, by securing all items in yards or other open areas that may be subject to strong winds. Also have items available in your residence such as batteries, flashlights, water and non perishable foods. Fill up your gas tanks. Also prepare for possible increased amounts of rain and potential flooding as a result.

Hopefully, we will not have a direct hit from Hurricane Irene, but better to be prepared in advance of any situation.

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