House of Wax, and Not at all Scary



Rye Brook- Most women and a growing number of men have some experience with waxing– that once nearly Neanderthal service, often the bastion of nail salons, wherein one achieves smooth hairless skin on certain body parts. The prices one usually paid were unspeakable pain as the hair was ripped from the roots, and a tell-tale red rash.

Enter European Body Wax, brand new and clean as a whistle, at Rye Ridge Shopping Center. We sent in a staffer to take photos, with no intention of trying it out. But she was lured to experiment by what she saw.


Purple beads are melted in a cauldron to create a proprietary “comfort wax” that looks more like blue maple syrup. Placed on the skin, it is warm, not scalding, actually feeling good in the winter air. Then, the hardened wax itself is peeled off; no canvas strips stuck and pulled.  A cleanser and oil are applied to the skin before, and a rejuvenating solution afterwards.


Owned by Larchmonters Dan and Melissa DeMasi, you’ll find a friendly and clean salon, and you will actually look forward to your next visit.

Now open: European Wax Center 164 South Ridge St., Rye Brook. 914.937.9299.

Free wax offer for first time guests


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