Yay! Farmers Markets Return this Weekend

09 May, 2014

By Loop Staff

farmers market


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Saturday is opening day for the Down to Earth Farmers Market in Larchmont, and if you miss it, Sunday is opening day in Rye. There will be music at the market both days.

Farmers Markets: 8:00am- 1:00 pm
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  • Morris Gut

    A word of caution to Farmers Market shoppers: Just got back from foraging thru some of our local farmers markets at noticed that certain vendors, especially fruit and produce, are not living up to the tenets of participation. Either the public or management of these markets do not care or just do not know that some of the products they are selling are neither local or seasonal. You may as well go to your local supermarket. I am venting because I enjoy true, local, seasonal farmers markets. Any thoughts?