Mount Vernon is Westchester at a Discount, Says WSJ

20 Feb, 2012

By theLoop

This home at 164 Central Pkwy, Mt Vernon, is listed for $749,999 in theLoop Real Estate Marketplace.


Did everyone catch the Wall Street Journal piece about Mount Vernon? Bronxville for a bargain? Some of Westchester’s most beautiful homes are there, making it increasingly more attractive to downsizers and first time home buyers.

One commenter writes,

“Read the story carefully. If you have school-age children, you definitely do NOT want to send them to any of the Mt Vernon public schools. Other than that, Mt Vernon is a nice place to live. If you have a secured house, a good alarm system, and a really, I mean really, big dog.”

A response:

“North Side Mt. Vernon has pretty good public schools at the elementary level. The elementaries are relatively high achieving and economically and demographically diverse. South Side Mt. Vernon is a different story.
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  • Anonymous

    As confronted by MUFSD:

    “Bronxville’s public schools are highly regarded and draw many families with children in high school. “The minute their last kid goes to college, their house is going on the market,” Ms. Jelensperger said. Many like Ms. Jelensperger end up relocating to Mount Vernon.”

  • Pat

    Actually, if you are in the Pennington School district, you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and high performing school. I think it is an excellent choice for grammar school and then you look at the private schools. You can’t beat a neighborhood where you can walk to/from school! And the homes are beautiful!