Cool Finds: Eating Your Way Down Arthur Avenue

08 May, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

arthur ave

Johnny Handsome makes mozarella

arthur ave

It was rainy and cold, but there we were, last week, marching down the sidewalks of Arthur Avenue. Suddenly, we are inside a warm bakery, inches from an ancient oven the size of a bus, that had just churned out a rack of the Pane Di Casa, he house bread at Addeo Bakers on Hughes Avenue. A giant loaf is less than $5.00.

arthur ave

Addeo Bakers with the boss, left and Renee Cohen, center

Take that, Zabars.

Such is the magic of Arthur Avenue, the true “Little Italy,” just down the road in the North Bronx. Leading the way was Renee Cohen of Cuisine Arts in Mamaroneck, Chef, culinary arts teacher, foodie , and… our guide, leading one of her regular Arthur Avenue Tours.

arthur ave

You may never again settle for supermarket mozarella after you hang with Johnny Handsome and the boys in the back of Casa della Mozarella on East 187th Street, and watch them churn it by hand. Renee also tells us her secrets for fresh fish, home made pasta, sopressata and other marvelous cured meats, produce, pastry, even hand rolled cigars.

z   arthur ave  arthur ave


We can’t tell you anymore secrets here, what would be the fun of discovering them for yourself? So sign up at Cuisine Arts of Mamaroneck. The next Arthur Avenue tour is June 3. And she’ll treat you to a great lunch after you shop, not that you’ll still be able to eat after all those free samples.


arthur ave

Cuisine Arts  Mamaroneck  914.924.2834

photos: Polly Kreisman

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