Coming Up: Bluebirds of Happiness

26 Feb, 2013

By Joyce Newman, Environmental Reporter


The native Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis), which is the state bird of New York, was considered quite rare about 50 years ago due to loss of its habitat. But bird enthusiasts have actually reversed this trend in recent years. So these glorious blue and orange songbirds are now recovering.

Watch a video and listen to their song here.

You can enjoy the details of  this dramatic conservation success story at a special multi-media presentation hosted by Sheldrake Environmental Center in Larchmont  on Wednesday Feb. 27 at 10 AM.

Sandy Morrissey, president of the Bronx River-Sound Shore Audubon Society and founder of its Eastern Bluebird Project will describe how the project has launched more than 200 nest boxes in lower and central Westchester since 1998. The boxes are monitored by volunteers, and provide much-needed shelter for the birds whose habitats were largely taken over by non-native, invasive house sparrows.

The presentation will demonstrate how to identify Eastern Bluebirds and will explain their nesting cycle, as well as what has been learned from banding the bluebirds. Presenter Sandy Morrissey is a licensed bird bander, conservationist, and nature educator.

Free for members/$5 non-members

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Photo credit: Jim Sutherland

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