Hollywood on the Sheldrake


We received many emails here at Loop HQ both asking us and letting us know about the film crews at Mamaroneck High School










this week.

As far as we can confirm, they were at the school and Hampshire Country Club doing an episode of "In Treatment, " on HBO.

"The former club has been set up to look like a club in the Hamptons hosting a celebrity golf event," wrote in one reader.

Said a Mamaroneck resident Saturday, "It was decked out with fake paparazzi and guests."

(Perhaps another income source for Hampshire?)

Flagler Drive in Mamaroneck was the home of DW Griffith’s first studios . (see also LoopTV’s "Pollywood Celebrity Tour")

Where else in the area have you seen movies or television shows being filmed or taped? Wasn’t there something at the Mamroneck Motel last spring?

One thought on “Hollywood on the Sheldrake

  1. Actually we were over there talking to the film crew at the golf course; it was an episode of Royal Pains, not In Treatment. The star was just leaving as we walked along the road; husband was psyched – he loves that show!…
    editrix thanks. It was In Treatment at the HS.

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