He Wants to Rock the Rocking Stone, a Larchmont Landmark



LARCHMONT–If you missed this story in LoHud a while back, it bears repeating, particularly for those in the Sound Shore area who know the Rocking Stone, on Rockingstone Avenue, Larchmont/Town of Mamaroneck. Steven Kling is making a film on the rock.

(And we included it in our video below)

You must admire a man who is on a mission.

Stephen Kling is such a man.

A few weeks ago, Kling walked into Mamaroneck Town Administrator Steve Altieri’s office and asked him a question: Would it be OK if he re-set the Rocking Stone to make it rock again?

“He looked at me like I was a maniac,” Kling recalled. “I mean, how many people come in and ask that question?”

It wasn’t altogether clear how the rest of the conversation went.

In any case, Kling was dead serious.



photo: cardcow.com

One thought on “He Wants to Rock the Rocking Stone, a Larchmont Landmark

  1. Dollars to donuts this rock had no more then an almost imperceptible motion.

    I doubt anyone alive ever felt it move.

    If people have that kind of time and money they should donate it to the needy.

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