Hampshire Will Stay Country Club


This just in: the new owners of Hampshire are NWR Acquisitions LLC, a Manhattan commercial real estate firm.







We are told they plan to keep Hampshire as a Country Club. 

The firm purchased the Club, which was unable to sustain itself financially, for $12.1 million dollars, winning out over a joint bid by the Town and Village of Mamaroneck to preserve the 108 acre tract as public land.

more details when we get ’em.

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4 thoughts on “Hampshire Will Stay Country Club

  1. Stay tuned. Though the buyer claims to have plans to operate the property as a private club, maintenance of the property since the sale has been dismal (nearly non-existent) and there are no signs that the any club (even one limited to the pool and tennis, as rumored for this year) will open. The buyer is a developer, and I suspect the plans are for McMansions in the end.

  2. It is the best solution. The Village owning the land for public recreation space was a very bad idea. Flooding, Road issues, traffic issues. Cove Rd is a mess and as a private road the residents are looking into legal ways to close it off as a pass through. Not deny access to the road but close it off so people can’t get through. There are safety issues on cove Road -the village won’t repair the road as well as water/flooding.
    I support this totally. Parents shouldn’t be using this as a pass through to Hommocks school or let their kids take bikes to school on a narrow, potholed road with blind curves. I applaud that the property will remain a private club.

  3. I’m sorry that the town(s) and village(s) couldn’t buy Hampshire for playing fields and green spaces, but I guess keeping it as a country club is better than a bunch of ugly oversized McMansions like we have at Cherry Lawn.

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