Renovating theLoop this Weekend- Just Wait till You See What We’ve Done with the Place!


please note:

the new site still has a few bugs. our team is working very hard on them.


The time has come.

Four years. 2433 posts. Your amazing photos, articles, letters, observations, rants, raves.

It began with a traffic light in 2007. The skank tunnel. Moon over My Nanny.  All of which you helped get fixed, or at least, needed attention.  That’s when you become a vibrant, involved community, and we never looked back.

Now, four years later, we’ve grown so much. But there’s only so much a girl can do by herself. In the last year, Diana has come on board which has been huge.  More recently, Jackie and her amazing photography. But we can’t cover the area effectively if we are also handling the tech side. We want to do what we allegedly do best: give you meaningful, local content. So theLoop has partnered with a company called BlankSlate.  BlankSlate will manage the site and handle ad sales so we can focus on creating great content.

So here’s what you will see on Monday morning, and possibly before:
A new design.

A new commenting system.
Anonymous commenting will now be permitted–and monitored– but we encourage you to register on the site. You can create a new user name or use your real one. The advantage of registering is that you get a user profile that saves your comments. It lets readers get to know your opinions and your expertise.

Registering  will provide access to many new functions coming to the site. But again, for the main site, if you feel more comfortable, you need not register.

You will be able to contribute photos that we can use on the loop on the looppool on flickr.

Friday’s (Jan.20)  loop scoop will be the last weekly email. These emails will now come daily. If you do not wish to receive a daily news update from us, you may unsubscribe. But we hope you won’t.

If you experience any problems please send an email to and we will address them as soon as possible.

This weekend, starting Friday, access to the site may be spotty. The new site will return live on Monday morning.

Change can be good. Thank you for four great years and we look forward to the future in theLoop!

–Polly Kreisman

photo of hommocks inlet, mamaroneck: Jacqueline Silberbush

5 thoughts on “Renovating theLoop this Weekend- Just Wait till You See What We’ve Done with the Place!

  1. Great news about going daily, but I’d love to know where the photo on your home page was shot. Is it the gazebo on the rocks at Davenport Point in New Rochelle?

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