Guns Banned from Mamaroneck Town Government Buildings



A local law passed over the summer now bans firearms in government operated buildings in the Town of Mamaroneck.

Firearms will not be permitted at the Weaver Street Firehouse. Town Hall, the Mamaroneck Senior Center, Sheldrake Environmental Center or Hommocks Ice Rink.

The legislation passed unanimously by the Town Board..

“The recent plague of shootings made us think about our own levels of protection and safety in our public buildings,”  Supervisor Nancy Seligson told reporters.

“It’s a feel-good law that will not do anything to improve public safety,”  Charles Deshensky, a Mamaroneck village police officer, is reported as saying.

Previously,, the town’s building gun policy mirrored New York state’s: A person with a gun license was allowed to take a firearm into any government building.


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