Girl Scouts, Shelter Animals Share the Love


Girl Scout Troop 2560

It was a big day for the dogs and cats at the New Rochelle Humane Society when a local sixth-grade Girl Scout troop delivered four carloads of stuff they collected to help out the adoptable animals while waiting for homes of their owns.

It seems, though, the visit last week to the NRHS was just as joyous experience for girls of Cadette Troop 2560, who spent two months collecting the food and creature comforts as part of a three-year Bronze Award service project.  Especially when they got up close and personal with three puppies taking refuge at the shelter.

“Shouts of glee were had by all,” says Troop leader Maritza Tribuzio.

The girls’ ongoing effort to help animals started three years ago with a conversation about animal cruelty, and subsequent workshops about humane organizations and community service animals, like K9 officers. They even made cat toys out of old socks.

“Most of my troop have dogs and cats from shelters and are true fans of rescuing pets,” Tribuzio says. “This was definitely a project that was close to their hearts.”

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