Cool Finds: T n T Luncheonette, Harrison

24 Jan, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

I hadn’t really heard the word luncheonette since breaking out an old Hall and Oates CD but my friend Tracy brought a bunch of us here for tuna melts and fried shrimp and we had to share this with you.

T n T (now) stands for “Theresa and not Tony,” in reference to a former partner, but Theresa has been here 20 years this coming May 24. The luncheonette itself, under various ownership, has looked like this for about 50 years.

“I’ve seen it all and more, ” she says. You can see why. Sitting at the snug counter eating comfort food, you just want to tell her all your secrets. Everyone coming in the door she greets by name.

“We are like bartenders,” she says, “without the alcohol.”

T n T Luncheonette is open 7 days 6:30 am – 2 pm. 244 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, near the corner of Halstead Avenue.

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