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Love is in the air!  It must be that St. Valentine’s Day is on the way!  How I look forward to this sweet holiday each year.  February 14th comes just in time to change focus from snow, cold and the gusty wind blowing your hair into your lipstick.

Think hugs and warm snuggles in front of the fireplace or under the covers with those you love.  May I suggest a heart shaped hot water bottle cover as a backup plan to a chilly night?  It is mid-winter and a good moment to make time to ‘show- and- tell the-special people’ what they mean to you.  Think about how you can spread the love with something sweet, romantic and thoughtful.   Or for the lover… maybe even sexy.

You can purchase a love token right here in our beautiful villages, or you can DIY by choosing to hand make a gift with love.   Let me illustrate some classic tokens and some less traditional, but no less poignant, expressions of adoration.

Sweets for the Sweet

To Buy with love and care; drop into Cocoa Handmade Chocolates at 2107A Boston Post Road or any fine chocolatier, and secure some very special treats.  Visit EBay and search “vintage heart shaped box” in Collectables. Use the box for Valentine chocolates and then as a storage place for jewelry, buttons or love notes and cards.    Add pink champagne and you have the makings of a home based candle light romantic tête-à-tête.

  • To DIY with love and care; bake sweet heart shaped linzer torte cookies and present them on a girlie pink tid- bit tray.   Or find a lacey paper doily that the kids can embellish with glitter glue or crayons.  This is one of those times that the spirit means more than the execution.  Place on a simple white plate or polish-up that silver-plate tray that has been an under-utilized wedding gift.  Present the sweetheart cookie with coffee in the morning or as dessert at the evening’s end.  Rescue a vintage heart printed hankie from the drawer or the simple white cotton one.  Tie it with a pretty ribbon and fill it with candy kisses and distribute as you intersperse with an actual smooch.

A Posey with a Coded Message

  • To Buy with love and care; Take yourself to the Flower Bar 11 Addison Street behind the Chatsworth School in Larchmont, or any fine florist.  There you can select some uniquely hued pinks and lavenders and have them professionally presented in a 50’s style heart shaped vase that can become the start of a “love collection” or an annual floral tradition.
  • To DIY with love and care; it is not necessary to bestow the traditional gift of red roses to your beloved.  The hidden meaning of other types of flora can telegraph a personal secret message.  All flowers have a meaning embedded in the bloom.  Even the ubiquitous baby’s breath, often used as filler in bouquets, carries the coded message of ’‘ascination’ and ‘a pure love.’ ‘If you do a little research you will discover that subtle conservational clues can be transmitted through flowers.  Consider the simple and much maligned carnation. Select them in a pretty pink or white (no dyed green ones please even next month!) and subtly send the message of thoughtfulness . In addition to a significant meaning, these flowers are available right next to the vegetables at Shop and Stop.  How easy is that??

A Message from an Admirer

To Buy : Having trouble saying what you feel?  If a melodic way to say “I love you” is better suited to your style, than you can than hand the task over to the professionals.  Let Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett do it for you on a romantic CD or down load your choices onto the iPod.  One year our daughter recorded almost every singer that made a record of our wedding song onto one CD.  20 versions of Gershwin’s “Embraceable You”…What a delightful trip down memory lane!

To DIY: Vintage Valentines from the Midcentury can be strung on a ribbon over the dining room table or across a head board. Decorate a note book with hearts and write something personal, special or a notable quality that you love about the recipient.  A hand written message as simple as “I love the sound of your voice when you walk in the door” can become a cherished keepsake.

Have some fun with romance.   Make February 14th a quiet celebration for just the two of you or make it a family affair.  Everyone loves to be loved. XOXO

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