Crossing Guard Assault Suspects Due Back in Court in July


One suspect, Lucian Cappello, from Facebook page

The Suspects in the Crossing Guard assault case are due back in Town of Mamaroneck court on July 9.

Police confirm the guard, known to children and parents as Alphonso, was crossing children at the corner of Colonial and Murray Avenues May 17, after Murray Avenue School dismissal, when he became involved in a dispute with two men.

Murray and Colonial Avenues Crosswalk where Crossing Guard was assaulted

One of the men, says Police Lt. Robert Koziak, struck the guard in the chest with his fist and he fell to the ground. As the men tried to flee in their black Nissan Rogue SUV, they struck the guard in the right leg, say Police.

We originally reported the date was June 9. Thanks to a Loop reader for bringing that to our attention. theLoop apologizes for the error.

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