County Commits Money to Control Floods



Hurricane Irene devastated parts of Mamaroneck

Anyone who’s lived around here long enough knows that flooding is part of life in lower Westchester.

On Thursday, the County said it’s going to help us keep our heads above water. Flood control projects in Larchmont, Mamaroneck and New Rochelle are going to receive funding through a special $9 million county fund dedicated for stormwater management.

The County will pay $2.3 million toward drainage improvements along Pine Brook at Boston Post Road in Larchmont and $2.5 for water management upgrades along the Hutchinson River in New Rochelle.  The municipalities are expected to pay the remaining costs.

Flood control projects in Mamaroneck Village, which is often hit hardest by flooding, will receive $2 million of the money. Parts of Mamaroneck, home to some of the neediest members of our larger community, were devastated by Hurricane Irene last year and the immensely destructive  2007 Nor’ Easter, both of which left families homeless.

photo: Polly Kreisman

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