Cool Finds: Wineberries



We are talking a lot about food today …you will see a recipe from a local Greek restaurant chef at 3:00.

But Larchmont blogger Hugh Yeman is not buying his ingredients. He is picking them:

This morning I was sitting at Aroma Coffee Roast, drinking my tea and tinkering with a website as usual. Jack noticed the stevia sweetener sitting on my table, and we got talking about sweet and tart foods. He loves tart flavors for their own sake, whereas I tend to see them as an accompaniment and counterpoint to sweetness. He likes apple pie with no added sugar. I’ll talk your ear off about the importance of adding just enough sugar to offset the tartness of the near-obligatory Granny Smith apples.

The conversation moved on to other kinds of tart pies, such as strawberry-rhubarb and my all-time favorite, strawberry-raspberry-rhubarb. Then I started talking about wineberries. This was a lot less unlikely than you might think. Actually, it’s hard to get me to stop talking about wineberries.

The wineberry is a Japanese cousin of the raspberry, and it does very well for itself right here in Westchester. As an invasive species it may not be fondly regarded, but I can’t help but smile at the red undertones it splashes onto the landscape. The stems arc through the bracken, loosely stitching their way over the dun cheerlessness like a gravity-defying garland. If you take a walk in the Marshlands Conservancy on a sunny day, like my wife and I did last weekend,


photo: Hugh Yemen

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