Cool Finds: Viva Grande Farms, New Rochelle


If you’re ok with no-frills produce shopping, (and at these prices, you will be) don’t miss Viva Grande Farms in New Rochelle.

This is no high end artisinal farmer’s market, just real fruits and vegetables at very low prices.

In the outdoor area, everyday stock, such as potatoes, peppers and apples may be sprinkled with white asparagus or meyer lemons, you never know, it always changes. Inside, more vegetables and fruit, cheese and dairy, and meats. Flowers are also available in a separate building.

One visitor writes on Yelp,   “Listening to the Korean managers speaking Spanish on the store’s public address system is one of the high points of my week.” Cash only.

Viva Grande Farms 38 Centre Ave. New Rochelle, NY 10801 (914) 576-9235. No web site.
Photos: Jacqueline Silberbush

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