Cool Finds: Undersea at 23′ Above New Rochelle


NEW ROCHELLE–At sea level, Huguenot Street between Le Count Place and Harrison Street in New Rochelle is fairly urban, with the well-trafficked road bordered by New Roc City on one side and Trump Plaza on the other.  But who knew crossing the street from above could be so cool, turning the quasi-industrial Huguenot Street experience into interpretive at 23-feet up?

The Huguenot Bridge is as much a piece of art as a pedestrian passageway, opened in 2009 to convey the city’s connection with the Long Island Sound. Created by artist Catherine Widgery, Tidal Song, as the installation is formally called, uses blue colored glass, changing lights and sounds that sound like they are coming from somewhere undersea to capture the water-themed mood of the piece. It links a parking garage to the Trump Plaza building.

Good news is you don’t have to be a master of modern art to appreciate the creation.  Watching the cars go by from high above is fun, too.

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photos courtesy Catherine Widgery, Diana Marszalek

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