Cool Finds: The Art of Craft


There are 1500 small breweries in the U.S., and while the brand new Craftsman Ale House in Harrison doesn’t profess to have the fruit of them all, owners Joe Vicidomini (“Director of Hoperations”) and wife Liana plan to rotate as many through as possible.

There are eight draft beers available at a time, by the glass at the bar, or by the growler (photo above) to take home. In bottles and cans look for everything from Ithaca Flower Power to Speakeasy Prohibition Ale and Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat Hefeweize.

“Drink local, drink craft,” is their mantra. Don’t look for any Bud Lite here.

A great selection of Burgers and Salads for $10.

At the former site of Anthony’s Bar and Grill. The Craftsman Alehouse, 235 Harrison Avenue, Harrison. 914.630.7484.  @thecraftsman



3 thoughts on “Cool Finds: The Art of Craft

  1. This is great! Local craft beer is not only good, it’s a great way to support local businesses…and enjoy it at the same time! Once you’ve gone craft, you’ll never turn aft. (Or something.) Time for our local men’s Book Club to take a field trip!

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