Cool Finds: Race Horses RIP, New Rochelle


They come on upon you suddenly when you walk the trails in Ward Acres, the one closest to Pinebrook Parkway in New Rochelle.

Four graves of famous racehorses.

Ward Acres is all that’s left of a 400 acre farm owned by the Robert Ward family of the Baking Company fame. His son, Jack, established the nationally reknown American Saddle Company and began breeding racehorses in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Some of his champions rest here under enormous carved stone slabs, connecting to an era of glory, excitement and prosperity.

Later, Robert’s widow would donate the land that became Ward School and the Albert Leonard Middle School.

(information from New Rochelle historian Barbara Davis)



originally published Feb.9,2012

photos: Polly Kreisman

2 thoughts on “Cool Finds: Race Horses RIP, New Rochelle

  1. are the graves of Wait-a-bit and Master Fiddle there? My girlfriend and I bicycled up to the farm to see them when they stood at stud there in the 1950’s

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