Cool Finds: Pizza in a Yankees Shrine



Served up in a homespun shrine to the Bronx Bombers, the pizza at Johnny’s in Mt. Vernon is about as good as it gets in these parts.  Proof? Even ardent Mets fans will suck it up to wolf it down under the watchful eyes of Yankees idols from The Babe himself to Derek Jeter.


In the hands of the same family since its Opening Day – July 4, 1942 – Johnny’s Pizzeria is best known for its super-thin pizza, hand-delivered to your table by servers who run the gamut from sweetheart to classically surly.

Come prepared: Although a bit off the beaten path, Johnny’s is packed on Friday and Saturday nights (it’s closed Sundays and Mondays). They won’t sell you a slice, so be ready to buy at least an entire pie – which includes a stop at the ATM. This place only takes cash.

Johnny’s Pizzeria is located at 30 W. Lincoln Ave. in Mt. Vernon. (914) 668-1957


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  1. I now live in Fort Lauderdale but most of my extended family and friends are in New York. A hometown trip to visit always includes a trip to Johnny’s for the best pizza I’ve ever had! Being an ardent Yankee fan also helps.

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