Cool Finds: Leather Craftsmanship in Port Chester



So, the custom shoes and handmade bag (or rather the $4,000 price tag) may not be in the cards. But it’s well worth visiting Occhicone Fine Leather Goods in Port Chester even if there’s nothing bigger than a resole or luggage repair on your to-do list, just to soak up the expert craftsmanship.

Customers describe repairs and leather fixes here as “just amazing.”

The family-run store has at its helm 81-year-old Joseph Occhicone, an Italian-born and taught leather expert who honed his skills like a true artisan. “You get a couple of years training and then experience for your whole life” he says.


Occhicone had shops in Italy and Manhattan before settling down on Main Street 31 years ago. And sharing his affinity for fine Italian goods does not have to put you in the red.  His shop sells ready-made leather accessories and shoes, some with a very palatable price tag under $100.

Occhicone Fine Leather Goods is located at 42 N. Main St., Port Chester. 937-6327. No website.

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