Cool Finds: The Kneaded Bread in Port Chester


It’s the end of the day at The Kneaded Bread in Port Chester and Jeff Kohn has sold 800 rolls and 300 loaves of artisinal bread: pullman square loaves, provolone, olive, multigrain and more.

“This is no museum bakery,” he says, proudly. Opened in 1998, long before Port Chester was a hot foodie destination, The Kneaded Bread’s downtown vibe, delicious breads and welcoming, warm bright cafe had no trouble creating a following.

“People didn’t think this concept was going to work in Port Chester 15 years ago, but we believed,” Jeff says, referring to his wife Jennifer. “Half way between the Rye and Greenwich train stations seemed like a natural. When we saw the ‘for rent sign,’ we thought ‘why not?'”

He also knew a little about the area, growing up in Rye Brook. “I was 12 when Rye Brook seceded from Port Chester.” Now, his children go to the same High School (Blind Brook) that he did.


The Kohns’ faith in the area paid off. The Kneaded Bread is a success and 7 years ago, they opened the popular Q restaurant and bar, known as the only authentic barbeque for miles.

photos: Polly Kreisman

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