Cool Finds: Hour to Exit in New Rochelle




LoHud reports on a new “escape room” destination in New Rochelle, Hour to Exit.

Hour To Exit co-owners Brittney Coleman and Duane Sequira are escape room experts, with nearly 100 games played under their belts together. They began creating the interactive spaces two years ago, not long after playing their first game in New York City.

“I was locked in a jail cell and he was on the outside,” Coleman, 30, recalled. “The adrenaline rush to get me out of the jail cell and get us out of the dungeon we were in in time was extremely exciting.”

Every escape room has a different look and level of difficulty, Coleman said, but they all have the same objective: Crack the codes to complete the mission before time runs out.

At Hour To Exit, a team consisting of two to eight people enters a themed room. The team is greeted by a “game master,” who describes the scenario and end goal. The clock starts and players must work to piece together clues scattered throughout the space, like a puzzle without a game board.


Hour To Exit is located at The Atrium, 466 Main St., New Rochelle in Suite 206.

The cost for individual participants is $37.50 plus tax, though prices vary for groups. The holiday special room costs $100 for a family of four. To book, call 914-355-4272 or visit

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