Cool Finds: Happy as a Clam in Eastchester



We’re still in the thick of winter, so you have about 8,000 good excuses to dig into the hearty sandwiches and seafood at Louie & Johnnie’s in Eastchester.  Then again, you’ll undoubtedly come up with just as many convincing reasons come Bathing Suit Season.

It’s that good.

Newly dressed in basic food bar style – complete with a black-and-white floor and red counter stools – the 4-month-old home of super-yummy cheese steaks and raw bar favorites is the second venture of John Greco and Michael Mannarino, owners of Louie & Johnnie’s Italian restaurant in Yonkers.

With its steak shaved paper-thin and shellfish so fresh you could just as easily be beachside, the shop already has garnered its regulars, Greco says.

“People seem to like it,” Greco says.

That’s no surprise. What isn’t there to like?

Louie & Johnnie’s Cheese Steaks & Clam Bar is located at 33 Mill Road in Eastchester.

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